An epic wedding at Mt. Everest Base Camp (5,380 m.)


In search of the ultimate adventure destination wedding, photographer Charleton Churchill helped the bride and groom Ashley and James capture an epic and grueling Everest wedding photography at Mt. Everest base camp.

Adventure means something different to each and every one of us. Some of us find adventure is the participation of adrenaline-pumped activities, whilst for some of us, adventure is found when we push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.

Everest Fun Trek
On the way to Namche. Photo credit Charleton Churchill.
Everything about this photo shoot was going to be gruelling from acclimating to the altitude and lack of oxygen, to dealing with the freezing cold temperatures. Luckily, both photographer and couple had been preparing ahead of their gorgeous flight in.

“I have wanted this Everest wedding so bad for a while, worked hard, trained hard, with much planning, persevered through many obstacles, even surviving an earthquake with another couple in my 2015 attempt,” Churchill tells PetaPixel. “After all this, getting sick, fighting the cold, and with time constraints, we finally accomplished it. I didn’t give up. I pressed on towards the goal.”

Everest Photography
At Everest Base Camp. Photo credit Charleton Churchill.
The couple also prepared, training for a year and planning to take 2-3 weeks total for the wedding/shoot in order to properly acclimate to the altitude.

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Close to Kala Patthar. Photo credit Charleton Churchill.
Life was never designed to be a boring routine. It time to find some adventure in our Life.