14 killed in wild animal attacks in CNP in 2016/17

BHARATPUR, July 22 : The number of people killed in wild animal attacks in Chitwan National Park and buffer zones has increased.

According to the record of the CNP, as many as 14 people have lost their lives in the wild animal attacks during the last fiscal year (2016/17) as against five people killed in the previous fiscal year (2015/16).

Of them, seven were killed in rhino attack, five in elephant attack and two in tiger attack.

Similarly, 30 people were injured in the wild animals’ attack in the last fiscal year, shared CNP information officer Nurendra Aryal.

Six people were also killed due to attacks by wild animals while collecting fodders in the buffer zones of the Park.

An Indian national had also lost his life in course of visiting the elephant breeding centre last year.

The CNP provides Rs 500,000 compensation to the family of the deceased and Rs 100,000 to the injured for their medical treatment.

Recently the compensation amount has been doubled. The CNP has appealed to the people to adopt precaution while visiting CNP and nearby areas.