We recently did a hiking trip in Nepal with Friendship World Trek run by Nima Dorjee Tamang. Our goal was to summit to PK Peak (4067m). It was a very special trip and an excellent choice. There are a mind boggling choice of places to trek in Nepal as well as companies to help you but this was the very best trek and very best company. And I mean the very best. For a start PK peak is one of the newer treks and when we did it we didn’t see any other trekking groups. I believe it has only been open to tourists for the last three years. This meant we didn’t see mounds of rubbish and it felt like we were the first people to set foot in the “enchanted” forest. This forest was unlike any I had seen before and it and the beautiful rhododendron trees remain unforgettable. Another advantage of this trek was that we were able to do a trek that didn’t go as high as some treks and therefore we were able to gauge our suitability and reactions to acclimatization. The result was we had a very comfortable trip with the bonus of superb views of Everest from our Pikey Peak Base Camp. As Edmund Hillary himself said from this point you will get one of the best views of Everest. We did. We were fully supported by the most wonderful team of guides, cooks, porters the whole time. When we slept in tents they were erected and dismantled for us and the most delicious food was prepared just for us. We would sometimes see it being brought in and then transformed into the most delightful feast. All preparations and clearing up was done for us. Although Pikey Peak was our aim we also trekked through small villages in the mountainside to get us ready for Peak Day which turned out to be a wonderful contrast as we passed through friendly villages and passed by villagers attending to their animals and fields. Other extras (seeing the local dancing, the Hindu and Buddhist monasteries) simply rounded off the experience. Before we went to Nepal I had heard the people were amazing but everyone we met in this company exceeded my expectations. They were all very thoughtful, fun, and informative. They couldn’t have done any more for us; they were all beyond amazing. Nima’s team did everything they said they would and more. Extra special thanks to the most indispensable guide and photographer, Sundar Tamang. My hiking certificate and PK Peak teeshirt are excellent reminders of our adventure. Friendship World Trek is outstanding.