Best Trekking Season

Nepal Trekking Season by and large referred to best as two seasons after falls and after the winter. The next month mid of September to mid of December consider ever best period of trekking in Himalayas. Amid this time of months have charming atmosphere condition not all that hot and cool and perceivability of mountain are perfectly clear. There is another best period of trekking Nepal after winter when sun getting more hotter in spring time may trekkers to Himalayas can again appreciate agreeable atmosphere condition. In spring season in Nepal a wide range of sorts of blossoms sprout both trees and ground and it is likewise the best time to move up crests for endeavor.


Harvest time (September-November)

Harvest time season is considered as the best trekking season for the trekking in Nepal. September, October and November are fall in this trekking season in Nepal. Amid in this season offers great climate and enticing mountain sees. Temperature is direct, making it a decent time for any trekking. The sky is for the most part clear with remarkable perspectives. Once in a while short tempests may dump significant snow at high elevations.


Winter (December-February)

For the most part, the days are clear in winter season in Nepal. December, January and February months are cool days in mountain. In winter season in Nepal is generally snow fall in the higher rises with hazard winds and colder temperatures. Subsequently is perfect for trekking in the lower rise. On the off chance that you are searching for reasonable and unimaginable view, this is an awesome time to Trek in lower rises.


Spring (March-May)

Spring season in Nepal is likewise considered as the best season to do the trekking and mountain climbing. In this season offers diverse assortments of wild greenery blooming of the monster rhododendrons over 3000m and chasing heaven amid this season, which makes higher height trekking more agreeable and intriguing. It is somewhat warm at lower rises and very direct temperature at higher height more than 4000m, which gives terrific and amazing mountains View. Walk, April and May months are fall in this trekking season in Nepal.


Summer (June-August)

June, July and August months are primary stormy season in Nepal and includes rainstorm with overwhelming precipitation which makes trekking conditions unfavorable.This season is perfect time for Trekking and visit to Tibet notwithstanding, in some Trekking areas of Nepal associating with Tibet and leave parts of Nepal like Mustang, Nar-Phu valley and Dolpo districts are best season to do trekking which is summer trekking an awesome option behind the Himalayas rain shadow territory.