Abseil, jump and slide down, breathtaking steep canyon walls and waterfalls into deep pools of water below. Explore hidden canyons in the Himalayas for the ultimate wet and wild canyoning experience!

      Canyoning in these deep gorges has become a highlight for water thrill seekers. Or slide down rocks to get a thrill of a natural water theme park.

      Enjoy the simple Rock and Slide activity at Jalbire Canyon located at Chitwan National Park ,it is a beginners level activity and is enjoyed by older generations to young kids. Or try the thrill of jumping of a 12 meter high cliff into the cool fresh tropical pool of water at Charaundi Canyon located along the silver sandy banks of Trishuli river.

      Explore the deep caves of ,on the way to Pokhara, where stalactites and stalagmites form giant cathedral like caves, filled with bats and old relics found along the trail. Discover hidden trails around these caves, and combine the package with local cultural tour around the small town, which is rich in Newari culinary and hospitality. This trip can be done within a budget of just $200 including a cave and river guide. The trail offers a spectacular view of the Annapurna Range with breathtaking scenes of the terrace paddy fields and local villages.

      How to Prepare for Your Canyon, Cave and Climb Trip


      – Wear sport shoes/hiking shoes for walk to crag/cave

      What you need:

      – Sunblock
      – Sunglasses
      – Change of clothes
      – Closed-toe shoes (sports shoes, canyoning shoes, or Keens)
      – Money for snacks, extras

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