Flight delay and cancellation in Nepal

Owning to its requesting geological area and climatic variety, the household flights in Nepal are for the most part inclined to flight deferrals and cancelation. As the Tribhuwan International Airport in Nepal doesn’t have the innovation of Instrumental Landing System, the antagonistic climate conditions like overwhelming precipitation, thick haze, solid winds, and so on may prompt flight deferrals and dropping. Likewise, the geography of Nepal is troublesome, thusly it is sheltered not to remove the flight in those unfriendly climate conditions.


As you can know from the best trekking season area in our site, harvest time season (November-September) is the most favored trekking season when the climate is dry, clear and stable. As of now of year, flight postponements and cancelation is extremely uncommon. For different seasons, climate can’t be ensured. Storm season (June-August) is exceedingly inclined to flight deferrals and cancelation. The solid winds, rain and inconsistent mists make the view vague. Additionally, in winter season, flights may get drop because of thick haze.


In this way, in the event that you are venturing out to Nepal, it is prescribed to allot maybe a couple days for extra on the off chance that your flight gets scratched off and you are in shy of booked time. In different cases, street transportation can be a choice. Be that as it may, in the event of flight to Lukla, you may need to change your whole timetable on the off chance that you are in shy of time as there is no other choice owning to its emotional area.