Nepal relieved from ICAO’s safety tag

KATHMANDU, July 21 : The International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO has relieved Nepal from its list of safety tag, positive sign and relief for the Nepali Airlines as they now have high chance to get entry into European Skies.

The meeting which commenced on Thursday decided to oust Nepal from the safety tag list, implementing it from the following day .i.e. Friday.

Previously, ICAO also had sent a team of two members to access and audit the situation of the Nepali Airlines. ICAO, the international aviation monitoring organization accesses the aviation situation of various member countries around the globe.

ICAO lately audited the report thus accessed the report by sparing a week time in collaboration with the Civil Aviation Authority Nepal (CAAN). The convincing report after the audit relieved Nepal’s aviation sector from safety tag.

At the time of audit the team from ICAO also has toured the Nepal Airlines and the Himalaya Airlines. The respective airlines secured the point of 66.08 percent competence of the criteria’s set by the ICAO.

ICAO in 2009 have had audited the 8 sectors of the Nepal’s aviation sector. The inspection of the problems identified by the audit was done in 2013 only which showed that Nepali airlines only meet the competency of 55 percent and was thus enlisted in black list terming “vulnerable”.

The ICAO will now write to the European Countries about the progress thus achieved by the Nepali Airlines sector and the door for the flight to Europe for Nepali Airlines will open. The Government owned Nepal Airlines and the privately owned Himalaya Airlines will be able to access the European skies.

In the existing black list of EU Nepal is accompanied by Afghanistan, Congo, Angola, Indonesia, Liberia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Iran and Iran.