Ngimsang Tamang

Company Name:Everest Expeditions Nepal / Friendship World Trek Pvt. Ltd.
Address:Dewsa-05, Solukhumbhu, Nepal
Price:$25 Per Day
Mobile Number:9849256751
Language:English, France
Working Experience:10 Years

Mr. Ngimsang Tamang - Assistant Trekking Guide

Mr. Ngimsang Tamang is a Trekking staff of 'Friendship World Trek' trekking and Expeditions (P). Ltd. He was born in a traditional mountain village in the Solukhumbhu district Dewsa-05 of Nepal,. He is one of the well experiences Trekking & Mountain Staff for our company. He is known AS well trained Trekking & Mountain Staff for the company. He has joined with the company since 2011.

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