Pemba Tamang

Company Name:Everest Expeditions Nepal / Friendship World Trek Pvt. Ltd.
Address:Solukhumbhu, Nepal
Price:$35 Per Day
Mobile Number:9818872651
Language:France, English, Tamang, Nepali, Hindi
Working Experience:20 Years

Pemba Tamang - French Leader

Mr. Pemba Tamang has been working as a Trekking Leader, and French Tour Leader of 'Friendship World Trek' Trekking and Expeditions (P). Ltd. He was born in a traditional mountain village in the Solukhumbu district Juke-08 of Nepal, close to the Mount Everest region. He has got many years experience in trekking field in several Himalayan regions of Nepal. He will have always smile face in the trekking. He speaks a very fluent France language. He lives in France and will be with your groups during the trekking seasons. He always thinks to give good Knowledge about the trekking. He plays a vital role to run a office for the Trekking. He always thinks a good service and service to the clients. We are very proud to have a Guide like Pemba.

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