Friendship Society Nepal

Organization Name:Friendship Society Nepal
Registration No.:613
Address:Kapan-1, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone Number:+97714820243
Mobile Number:+9779841704019
P.0 Box Number:10250


Friendship Society Nepal (FSN) is born with a vision that all humans have a fundamental right to ecological, economic and social security, to the protection and defense of their resources and their livelihoods. We therefore view the conservation of environment and protection of all forms of culture and heritage which will eventually lead to sustainability and development of minority group.

Considering this as a fundamental human duty and a social responsibility, FSN is engaged in environment conservation, drinking water, monastery construction, old heritage construction, and sustainable development, education for poor children, helping poor family, small community infrastructure and community health.

We believe that campaigns and programmes we carry lead to improvement of livelihoods of the marginalized community and education of poor children and ultimately overcome poverty and powerlessness.

Established in 2010 FSN is a legal entity registered (Regd. No. 613) with Kathmandu District Administrative Office of Nepal Government under the Organization Registration Act of 1977. The Nepali name of the organization is MitrataSamaj Nepal (Friendship Society Nepal). Friendship Society Nepal (FSN) is affiliated (Affiliation No. 41452) to the Social Welfare Council, a coordinating and umbrella body of NGOs in Nepal.