Gyaljye Tamang

Company Name:Everest Expeditions Nepal / Friendship World Trek Pvt. Ltd.
Address:Juke-06, Solukhumbhu
Price:$20 Per Day
Mobile Number:9849707495
Working Experience:6

Gyalje Tamang - Trekking Sherpa ( Staff) Mr. Gyalje Tamang is a Trekking Sherpa of 'Friendship World Trek' Trekking and Expeditions (P). Ltd. He was born in Juke-6 Solukhumbhu. He is one of the well experiences Trekking Sherpa for our company. He has involved in the various trekking destinations and many more trekking peaks and Mountains in Nepal. He is well trained Trekking & Mountain Guide for the company. From 2013 A.D. he has started his job with the company. He does the work with more safely and seriously We are very proud to have a Sherpa like Galjye Tamang.

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