Everest Base Camp to Lukla Helicopter Tour


Visit Nepal 2020

offers Everest Base Camp to Lukla Helicopter tour which is an exclusive proposal for those who want to travels from EBC to Lukla. This tour proposing an exciting view of mountain visualization. This tour will give you a thrilling view to pick up near the world`s highest mountain ” Mt. Everest”. Helicopter tour on the Everest region is one of the best Aerial tours in the world. Everest Base Camp to Lukla Helicopter Tour is one of the most famous tour packages of Air Dynasty.  Enjoy many stunning views over there and can take many pictures to make the tour memorable. If you like to feel the real adventure and would like to explore the area, our package is worth you to reach there.
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Trip Highlights:

  • Thrilling helicopter tour to Lukla.
  • Great views of famous peaks.
  • Stunning landscapes, Ice falls, and glaciers.
  • Beautiful villages and valleys.
  • Emergency clearance and rescue service at any time necessary and claim to be made.
  • Highly qualified, experienced and competent pilots.

Why Take Everest Base Camp To Lukla Helicopter Tour?

Lukla Helicopter Tour is the best tourist adventure holidays and it is the most popular tour by helicopter ride. This village lies in Khumbu region at an altitude of 2860 meters from Everest Base Camp. This valley is the most prominent for mountain lovers all over the world. One of the best ways to detection this valley is a brief period of time in the helicopter tour. The main highlighting specialty of this area is to pick up from the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest. Flying over 5380 meters with delightful views of Himalayan vistas natural beauty and wonderful valleys. Definitely makes your journey mesmerize. Testify the jaw-falling Himalayas within a few hours will be an unforgettable journey in your lifetimes.

Everest Base Camp To Lukla Helicopter Flight

Everest Base Camp to Lukla flight is about 25 minutes from the airport in the normal weather conditions. A helicopter tour can accommodate up to 5 people or 500kg. So, if you’re in a group of 5, the cost of helicopter flights will be the lowest cost around you.

How To Book A Helicopter From EBC To Lukla?

You can take an exciting journey to Lukla with Air dynasty. We provide Everest Base Camp to Lukla helicopter service at a very reasonable price. We have a guarantee of departure in time. So, if you are flying at Everest Base Camp Trek, Trekking Gokyo rhythm or other types of tops ascend, the Mount Campaign program tells us the flight rental helicopter. If you require any further clarification/assistance,  to contact us at or you can visit.

Looking For A Helicopter Flight In Lukla?

If you want to fly from a helicopter in Lukla Airport to Everest Base Camp, we can organize the group or join a private helicopter tour.