Upper Dolpo Trek & Lower Dolpa Trek


Upper Dolpo Trek

The Upper Dolpo Trekking adventure is a dive in to an amazing world of diverse climate and civilization. The upper dolpo region is located between the Tibetan border and Dhaulagiri Himalayan region. The Upper Dolpo region has the mixed culture traditional settlements of Tibetans and Buddhists. The upper dolpo is one of the remote, untouched, unspoiled and untamed region of wild nature and traditional ancient Himalaya civilization of lost Tibetan Buddhism society.

The Upper Dolpo region is the region of more elevation, more remote and more harsh climate in compare to other places of Dolpo region. The Upper Dolpo is one of the globe’s most wanted regions for voyagers and adventure travelers who want to endeavor the difficulties of nature and land on most mysterious places on the earth. There is a book called “Snow Leopard” by Peter Matthiessen which is written on extinct white leopard of Himalayas which are still found in Upper Dolpo. There is an English movie nominated for Oscar is filmed on Upper Dolpa called as “The Caravan” which get the best location award in Oscar.

The Upper Dolpo is the semi-desert region dominated by Tibetan culture and tradition which are reflected in the traditional villages of Upper Dolpo. There are some magnificent regions in Upper Dolpo which are considered as heaven on earth and among this one is SheyPhoksundo Lake which is unspoiled from modern day civilization. The travelers will encounter some high Himalayan pass during their trip which are dominated by beautiful views and sceneries. The trekking adventure to Upper Dolpo starts from taking flight from Kathmandu Airport to Nepalgunj Airport. The walking adventure to upper dolpo starts from Jhupal Village from where the travelers move towards

SheyPhoksundo Lake traversing through wild nature, rough hilly roads, backwoods, traditional villages and high Pass until they reach the SheyPhoksundo Lake. The travelers rest at Phoksundo Lake area and further move towards SheyGompa at saldang village which is an ancient Bon Pi village of 2km area still living in their centuries old customs and traditions. The Sheygompa lies on the traditional exchange course to Tibet from Nepal which further leads to ancient Trans Himalayan Trade Route of Nepal and Tibet. The travelers then finally return to Jhupal Village in the end of the trip. The travelers return back to nepalgunj airport from Jhupal Village to each Kathmandu.

Lower Dolpo Trek

The Lower Dolpo trekking adventure a dive in to a whole new world of semi-desert region blended with forest, timberlands, farming lands and traditional Tibetan-Buddhist civilization. The main reason behind Dolpo being semi desert is that it lies on the Tibetan plateau, it lies the highest elevation where regular vegetation can’t survive, it lies near Himalayas, and most of all it is the Himalayas which is the fascinating things of this region. Dolpo in real is the remote region of the globe which is untouched and unspoiled by modern day civilization since thousands years till today. The main feature of Dolpo is that this region is the settlement of lost kingdom of Tibet which was supposed to be destroyed some thousands of years ago. The today’s Tibet is the new improvised civilization of Buddhists, Chinese, and ethnic Tibetans who are still preserving their antique culture which makes them the real Tibetans. This was the time before Buddha was born and now today’s Tibet is key place of Buddhism due to its lost and destroyed civilization. The civilization that Tibet has lost is still found in Dolpo, Mustang, Manang and other high altitudes of Himalayan region who migrated from Tibet to Nepal in search for new home some thousands of year back.

The old Tibet is still safe in Nepal due to the remoteness of the Himalayan region and Nepal’s policy to prohibit outsiders to enter in Nepal. Dolpo is now a living museum because it is still in its ancient condition and still unspoiled by modern day civilization.  The Lower Dolpo region is resided in the downpour shadow behind the Dhaulagiri Himalayas. There are still many areas in the Himalayas and behind Himalayas which are still unexplored, untouched and remote from modern day civilization due to its remoteness and lost visibility from the world. The Dolpo region is the same region which has lost visibility from the modern world and the civilization living here are known as Bon-Po ethnic race which is established thousands of year back before the birth of Buddha. It is the civilization older and ancient than Buddha and they are living in there thousand years old traditional civilization till today. Today these civilization are called Bon-Po Ethnicity with mixed Tibetan Buddhist civilization as people are migrated from Tibet in search of new home and place to live.

The Lower Dolpo trekking adventure begins from taking air flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and finally landing on Jhupal Village. The jhupal village is the starting point of walking adventure to lower dolpo passing through the village called Dunai and finally landing on ancient Trans-Himalaya Salt Exchange Travel Route which is the real travel adventure of dolpo dominated by caravans yak, other Himalayan animals and porters. The travel adventure further passes through the traditional Bon Tibetan-Buddhist settlements of Tarakot Village and Tarap Valley.  The travelers can move further to upper mustang to see SheyPhoksundo Lake, Chholing Monastery and SheyGompa and finally return to Jupal Village to return home.