Gokyo valley Trek Information


An alternative to an Everest base camp trekking, the Gokyo trek is one of the most enthralling treks in Nepal. Confronting the dimensions of the Himalayas, befriending the amazing Sherpa culture and indulging yourself in challenges you have never taken before- all of these combine to give you the best vibe which will remain forever in your chain of memories.

A Gokyo Trek will be one of the best treks you have ever had in your life- I can say it with that confidence. You will see mountain ranges- stretching your neck more than you have ever done to get a better view of the top of the peaks over 8000m and also get a chance to see the Ngozumpa Glacier- the largest glacier in Nepal. Getting a to witness a view of mountains such as Lhotse and Makalu and also seeing how the crown of the world, Mount Everest stretches itself proudly till the top of the world, speaks a lot for itself. On top of that, you will be visiting the Sagarmatha National Park- where, if lucky you will get a chance to see some rare species like Mosches and Red Panda.


The trek begins from Lukla after thirty minutes mountain flight from Kathmandu following up the Dudh Koshi River towards Namche, the door of Khumbu district. After Namche, you expand from the fundamental occupied trail towards the languid town of Phortse Tenga, Dole, and Machhermo. The Machhermo town is at the height of 4465 m/14645 ft. From Macchermo town, a 3-hour hike will take to you Gokyo Lake, one of the major attractions of this trek. Well, yes you will be stunned with the lakes in Gokyo- that’s for sure. After that, it is a 4-hour hike to Gokyo peak- which means in a span of about 14 days; you will have reached and come back from an altitude of 5360m.

Enjoy Your Trip : What I said here, you experience for yourself. Just don’t forget to choose the right apparels and have torchlight on you- in case you will forget it later.