Mount Everest Weather


Mount Everest 8,848 meter is the official elevation of world highest Peak Mount Everest recognized by China and Nepal, established in 1955 by Indian survey and it was confirmed in 1975 by Chinese survey. In 2005 china re-measured the rock height of the mountain with the result of 8844.43 M. Even though there is a controversy on mountain height between actual rock height (8844.43 Meter) and snow height (8848 Meter). Later in 2010 both the countries reach in an agreement with the official height of 8,848 Meter.

In 1865 the peak was given English official name “EVEREST” by the royal geographical society with the recommendation of Andrew Waugh (The British Surveyor General of India), the name was chosen in the honor of Sir George Everest (British surveyor and geographer). There are several local names of Peak. In Nepal Mount Everest known as Sagarmatha, in Tibet known as Chomolungma and in China known as Zhumulangma.  But worldwide the peak is said to be “Everest”.

1.) Who Was The First Person To Climb Mount Everest?

In 1953 A.D., Tenzing Norgay Sherpa from Nepal & Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand, the first people who reach the peak of Mount Everest successfully ascended to the top of the mountain. After there successful attempted Sir Edmund Hillary was interviewed with the questions like is climbing Mount Everest can be challenging..??? And he was asked to answer the Mount Everest facts like pounds of food they take on their expedition and difficult part of their expedition etc.

The actual Mount Everest Location: Solukhumbu District, Province no: 1, Nepal, Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas.

2.) Who Was The First Woman To Climb Mount Everest In The World?

In 1939 ( 20th October )- Junko Tabei from Japan, was the first woman who reaches the peak of Mount Everest successfully in the world. And in 1984 Bachendri Pal from India, the first Indian woman who reach to summit of Mount Everest & Pasang Lhamu Sherpa was the first Nepalese woman to climb the summit of Mount Everest.

Weather On Mount Everest

Mount Everest is situated at the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas and the typical northern part of Nepal in the international border between Nepal and China, temperature Everest base camp mention below.

Partly Cloudy

°C | °F
Precipitation: 48%
Humidity: 88%
Wind: 3 km/h

Summer Season And Its Temperature At Mount Everest

Summer starts from Mid-March to till Mid-June it’s also the end of spring and beginning of summer. Where April and May are highly favorable months for adventurous/outdoor activities, Everest base camp helicopter tours, and trekking. Most of the time weather remains clear. Fewer chances of flight cancellation and delays. The temperature will be warm enough to explore more. Surrounded by Photogenic atmosphere. The next important fact is during these months a high number of  will operate with guaranteed fixed departure with Air Dynasty.

Monsoon Season And Its Temperature At Mount Everest

From Mid- June to August it’s a monsoon time weather remains unfavorable and the mountain area effected with heavy rainfall. During this timeless number of flight will be held and the high number of flight cancellation and delay rates. The weather is unfavorable for any kind of outdoor activities. It can rain a minimum of 8 hours during this time. Even it’s difficult to operate flights due to heavy rain and fog as our flight system follows visual flight rules.

Autumn Season And Its Temperature At Everest

From September to till Mid-November it’s autumn and beginning of winter.  Where Mid-September to October is next peak season to explore Everest after April and May. During these time the high number of trekkers hit the trekking trail of Everest region form helicopter-like Everest base camp helicopter flight landing tour. Meanwhile, there can be fewer chances of flight cancellation and delay rates. For solo travelers, it’s a perfect time to pair up with groups. Weather usually remains moderate neither too cold nor too hot.

Winter Season And Its Temperature At Everest

From December to February it’s wintertime. Weather remains unfavorable the area affected with heavy snowfall. The trail covered with snowmaking difficult to trek. During this month, less number of flight will be held due to heavy snowfall and foggy climate. But if you wish to eliminate the crowds and explore independently on the budget then these time would be favorable. Even though it has less number of  it would be better if you have 4 or 5 days flexible on your trip dates.

Photography Season On Mount Everest

Travel will not be complete until and unless it has been captured. To take perfect photos you don’t need to be a photographer just have to wait for perfect moments and favorable situation. Everyone has wished to take perfect photos of mount Everest, here are the top favorable months for photography in Everest, where weather and climate itself become your instructor to click a photo like Mount Everest images HD quality photos.

The first three months of summer March, April, May and two months of autumn September and October are best for Everest Base Camp Photography Trek.  During summertime weather remains warm, snow melts quickly and no clouds to cover mountains. You can observe the photogenic atmosphere everywhere. During autumn weather remains slightly warm having snow in some parts. It will be the perfect time for a photogenic view with the mixture of snow with clouds having visible of Mountain range on.

What Is The Best Time Of The Year For The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour??

Weather and climate can ruin your trip even though if you plan your trip wisely. If you have planned a helicopter tour in Nepal, the best time for  will be March, April, May and Early September to till Mid-November for having such heli flight in Nepal.  In these months, the maximum number of fixed departure will operate and even if you are a solo traveler you can accommodate yourself with the groups easily.

During late November to till January flight will be held rarely due to unfavorable climate (Heavy snowfall and melting of glaciers).

From June to till mid-August its monsoon time, all the mountain flights will be an effect due to heavy rain and fog. It’s quite invisible to operate the flight as our flight system follows visual flight rules.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Packages

See all the towering peak in a single visit. Chance to witness the 8000 Meter plus mountains including Mount Everest. Observe the structures that characterize the charm of towering mountains, as you explore the Mount

Kalapatthar, base camp and Ghorekshep during your unique Journey around this alluring attraction.

Everest Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

Discover Everest Base Camp, the most iconic place with towering peak in the world, from the air on this 3 hours 30 minutes helicopter tour. Beginning from the historic city Kathmandu and continuing along the Lukla Airport through the colorful town Namche, explore towering peaks with its marvelous glaciers. See the world’s highest mountain (Mount Everest) next to the autonomous region of china.

Everest Base Camp Trek with Chopper Return

Experience walking in the craggy trail of Everest base camp helicopter trek. In this trip, you will explore the northern part of Nepal cover with snow-clads mountains. Along the way, take in spectacular mountains views and the traditional valley located at the high altitude, towering mountains which the area is known during Everest base camp helicopter landing tour.

After successful ascend to Everest Base Camp passing through craggy trails and finally its time for an awesome helicopter flight from Gorakshep. You will experience the different views from the same trail. Ariel

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Route

The Everest Base Camp helicopter tour starts from historic city Kathmandu with an awesome helicopter ride towards Everest Base Camp helicopter flight. While moving towards Everest Base Camp via helicopter there will be three stops in Lukla, Kalapathar/EBC and syangboche. It takes around 45 Minutes to reach Lukla, fueling time 10 to 15 Minutes. During this time you can have refreshment. “Lukla” its a popular trekker stops while returning from Everest Base Camp and gateway to Everest.

Then, we fly towards Pheriche to shuttle down. At high altitude, the helicopter can accommodate up to a maximum of 3 Pax excluding pilot. From Pheriche, it takes around 10 minutes to reach Kalapathar via Everest Base Camp. “Kalapathar” it’s an iconic place having great views of Mount Everest and its surrounding peaks. While here you will have 5 to 10 minutes to explore. Limit in time in order to eliminate the altitude problem. Even it will be risky for helicopter tour in Nepal too.

After successful ascend to Everest Base Camp fly back to syangboche. While here a maximum of 30 Minutes given for refreshment, photography in the mountain, and personal souvenirs.

The area popular for morning breakfast and incredible views of Mount Everest and Mount Ama Dablam. Most of the traveler chose this trip for breakfast on the lap of towering mountains and its’s majestic views.

As of last but not least, Everest base camp trek and fly back by helicopter to Lukla. It takes around 1 hour 10 minutes to reach Kathmandu. In between, we will land at Lukla. Finally, the trip will be completed in 3 hours 30 Minutes.