Sravana Sankranti 2019


Sravana Sankranti – Sawana Sankranti – Sawana Sankranti 2019 – Sravana Sankranti Festival

Sun will enter Cancer sign during Shravan Sankranti. Shravan Sankranti will begin on 16th July 2019, The religious ceremonies like holy bath, donation, homas etc. performed in this sacred time gives fruitful results. Worshipping Lord Shiva on this day has special significance.

Sakranti is the time of the month when Sun transits from one sign into the other. Karka Sakranti is the time of the year when the Sun enters into Cancer sign. Makar Sakranti is celebrated when the Sun rises in the North and Karka Sakranti is the time when it rises in South. Movement of the Sun from North to South direction in known as “Dakshinayana”. This movement takes place between Shravan and Paush months of Hindu calender. During Karka Sakranti, the days are shorter and nights are longer. As per Hindu scriptures, Uttrayana is considered as days of gods and Dakshinayana are the nights. Dakshinayana is also known as “Pittrayana” and Uttrayana is called, “Devayana”.

Karka (Cancer) Sakranti Pujan

The Sun during Karka Sakranti is considered to be the governor of Pittra (dead forefathers). Lord Shiva is worshipped significantly in the month of Shravana with full dedication and devotion. Worshipping Lord Shiva during this time brings fruitful results to the devotee.

In this month, the devotees should recite Shri Shivamaha Purana and Shiva Strot everyday. Milk, Ganga water, bel leaves, fruits etc. should be offered to Shivalinga while worshipping Lord Shiva. Worshipping Lord Shiva while chanting “Om Namah Shivaya” is considered to be very auspicious. Devotees should also observe Shri Mangla Gauri fasts and worship her with proper rituals every Tuesday of this month. Females who observe Mangla Gauri fast are blessed with good spouse, children and good marriage prospects.

Sawana Sakranti Significance

Shravana Sakranti marks the beginning of Autumn season. It also signifies commencement of Chaturmaas and the nights of gods. It is a time when vindictive practices are majorly active. People are inclined towards wrong deeds. To restraint oneself from walking a wrong path, one should work towards purity of thoughts.

Following a healthy diet and using Honey in food items is considered to be very auspicious during this period. A person who does charity, observes fasts and participates in religious ceremonies is able to get relief from all the sins. Karka Sakranti is also known as Dakshinayana. Thus, the devotee should recite Aditya Strot and Surya Mantra while worshipping Lord Sun. Worshipping Lord Sun during Sakranti suppresses all the defects from a person’s life. Worshipping Lord Vishnu also gives auspicious results.