Heartiest Welcome to the Chinese President Xi Jinping


Heartiest Welcome to the Chinese President Xi Jinping

The Visit Nepal 2020 extends its warmest and heartiest welcome to President Xi Jinping of China on the occasion of his official state to Nepal.

This auspicious visit of President Xi Jinping marks the highest level of diplomatic liaison in Nepal of any Chinese President for 23 years. (THIS SHOULD BE A DATE NOT A YEARLY PERIOD)

This is certainly a historic and momentous occasion in the long established relationship between China and Nepal. The Nepalese people will most certainly cherish and celebrate this occassion.

We are very hopeful that this important visit will further consolidate and deepen the bilateral relations between two countries and pave a way for economic prosperity and well-being of both nations.

We are fortunate that the timing of President Xi Jinping’s visit coincide with the ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ campaign and we are therefore confident that President Xi Jinping’s visit will be instrumental in promoting positive economic benefits within the tourism sector between the two countries.

Long Live Nepal-China Friendship!!

Visit Nepal 2020 Team